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Our company is specialisze in wholesale,retail and exportaion of comic/anime relevant merchandises,who's business including exploitation,design,manufacture,printing,packaging and prometiong. The merchandises are throughout in accouterment,stationery,fashionmpresswork,figure,horologe,plush toy and all kind of little property in cosplay. Our world-wide trade has spread to U.S.A,Canada,Europe,Australia,Korea,Japan,HongKong,Taiwan,Malaysia,Thailand,South America, Africa,and so on. We are made up by comic & animation zealots,in order to promote the delelopment of Chinese anime industry.We have great team in design,selling,transportation and customer service,trying our best to provide you the most excellent anime collectibles and the most satisfying service. Our company is being stronger and stronger.We need more support from our friends who are full of passion that just like you are,Let's accompany with the glow-up of Chiese anime industry then get our achievement!